A little tale of lift and business in Poland.

A little tale of lift and business in Poland.

We have got a large number of brilliant inventions which were created in XIX and XX century such as electricity, computers, the Internet and all of the things connected with constructions. Let’s look at one of those things – elevators.

A lift is a ordinary equipment which moves people or things between floors. In nowadays construction places we have got a tendency to construct very large buildings, therefore lifting equipment is indispensable.

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The first mentions about machines which had been used to transport humans in these way are


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referred to ancient Greece, but the powerful elevators.

Nowadays just like in in the past elevators are used to move human beings and goods, especially the big ones, just like with metal works Poland (for example in Gdańsk’s docks) has a large number of cranes and different lifting equipment. Cranes in Gdańsk shipyard not only are the significant form of transportation, but they are also a significant part of history of Poland, so when we write about metal works Poland is related with business and in the same time with tragic, but heroic history. It is a fabtastic idea to visit the job (see more…) Solidarity Centre and know more about these events.

Apart from that the Republic of Poland is known as a provider of a highly quality metal and lifting equipment, so this is a good space for creating a profitable professional activity and definitely a country with wide perspectives for small and huge organisations.

A lift isn’t the finest invention in the human history, however it is very important. It will be great thing to wach what kind of devices will be constructed in the next decade, specially in the construction area.